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A reading session is 30-40 minutes.
The cost is: $125.00

Readings are available in person or online through

Suggestions for getting the most from a reading with a medium:

1). Come relaxed to the reading in a positive state of mind.  Be on time.  

2). It's normal to be skeptical but set an intention of what you hope to get from the reading. and be open to what Spirit has for you.

3). Do not "feed the medium" that is don't supply information to the medium.  During the reading, the medium will check back with you to confirm that the forthcoming information is correct. As the sitter only answer "Yes" "No" " I don't know."  There will be some misses, that is information you cannot recognize, just tell the medium, so she can make an adjustment.

4). Don't try to make the information fit  - if it doesn't fit let the medium know right away.

5). Do not drink alcohol or take drugs (except prescriptions) before a reading you want your mind and energy as clear as possible.

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I connected with Mike as she began development as a medium in service to others. Mike joined my development circle where I had the honor of mentoring her beautiful, strong and authentic unfoldment. Mike has never wavered in her devotion to Spirit and commitment to healing and comfort to her clients by giving evidence of the continuity of life and love. Mike brings through evidence from the spirit world in a sacred way with compassion, respect and kindness. A session with Mike can evoke a healing range of emotions...tears, laughter, joy and growth."

~ Rev. Molly Hastings, Registered Medium, Lily Dale, New York

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