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6 weeks on Monday 7-9 PM

 Class size: 6 people + instructor 

Every class will begin with short mediation.  A copy of the meditation will be a handout each week.

The class will be interactive w/each member working with each other on the area covered during class.

Each person will be asked to keep a journal keep track of their experience during the week and bring questions to class they may have encountered.


Week One: 

What is Mediumship  – Being of Service – overview of next five weeks

  • Everyone has it – develop it….TRUST

  • Learning what method works for you

  • Symbols – look at a picture from magazine interpret -  not describe

  • Group walk around “ I don’t know why I’m telling you this…”

  • Relax: This is fun!


Handouts:  Prayers/ Mediation

Homework: Handout: List of common symbols – space to write the meaning for each individual and add to their list.



Week  Two:

The Three C’s – recognition of energy

  • Clairvoyance

  • Clairaudience

  • Clairsentience

Handout: Meditation

Homework: Note in notebook when you get a sense of something -  Eyes/Ears/Solar Plexus


Week  Three:

Spirit Guides

  • Meditation to welcome Spirit Guides

  • Can we see Spirit Guides – is this someone we have known before?

  • Another lifetime?

Homework: Evidence of Guides – how do we sense them.

Handout: Meditation



Week  Four:

Confirming the Spirit

Evidence of Spirit – info becomes the anchor

Handout: Meditation

Homework: Meet with classmate outside of class and do a reading.  Keep notes and bring to class for discussion.


Week  Five:

Dreams, Pendulums

Handout: Meditation

Homework: Notes on dreams and pendulum experience outside of class.



Week Six:

Class is customized to what each individual student would like to work on 20 min to each student.

 Where do we go from here? Continue group??

Image by Grant Durr
Mediumship Classes
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