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Due to the Coronavirus, Gallery Nights have been canceled until further notice.


Gallery night is an evening when people gather to hear messages from Spirit. I give detailed evidence of a deceased loved one,  an audience member can recognize the description/evidence and finds the details meaningful.  Once the audience member is recognized I go into more detail, shared memories, and experiences they had together.  There's always a message of love and encouragement from the loved one.  Most often it is just what the person wanted to hear!  The messages are accurate with specific details and provide evidence of the continuance of life after what we call death.  

 Gallery night is an evening when people gather to hear messages from Spirit.

The messages are what we call "greetings not readings" and are usually 5-7 minutes in length.  This allows me to give as many readings in an evening as possible.  Most evenings not everyone will receive a personal message, but just by listening to the messages of other audience members they can find meaning for their own life.

The cost is $25.00

Location: TBD

Every Friday James Van Praagh is doing live mediumship readings.  For more information visit his website:

Image by Aarón Blanco Tejedor
Image by Prateek Gautam
Gallery Night
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