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A reading session is 30-40 minutes.
The cost is: $125.00
Readings are available in person or online through

Mediumship readings are when an embodied person communicates with recognizable spirits (by giving several pieces of evidence the sitter can understand and confirm) of those who have passed and shares this information with other embodied humans seeking this connection. Loved ones in spirit can be beloved pets as well as humans. Mediumship is a healing process that brings people together in love.  It confirms that there is no death or ending to life.  Our loved ones change form and the love we had together when they were on earth continues when they have made a transition to an afterlife.

My mediumship is a commitment to provide guidance that is informative and healing. My hope is the knowledge and healing and connection with their loved one, revealed in a reading, empowers the person to heal and find joy to carry on their best lives and live a more meaningful existence.

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