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It is believed that Tea Leaf readings began with the Chinese in the 16th Century. Through the trade routes Dutch merchants brought tea to Europe and tea leaf became a popular method to tell the future.  


The power of tea leaf reading is mystical. Through the tea leaf reading the recipient can gain insights into their future and as well as personal enlightenment for direction in their life.  


As the person sips the tea, thinking of a question(s) they want answered their energy goes into the leaves of the cup that settle into shapes and configurations to influence and guide the answers. These symbols are interpreted by me to gain the information for the recipient seeking  answers to their questions.

The symbolism for  Tea presents harmony, peace, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awakening.   

I have been reading tea leaves since 2010.  On a business trip to Canada, I had lunch at a restaurant where tea leaf readings were offered.  I was amazed and intrigued by the tea leaf reading.  I stayed for a 2-hour introduction to tea leaf reading.  What started out as just reading for friends and family, it has opened a whole new world that is exciting to share with the world. My mission is to use the tea leaves to bring enlightenment and understanding by giving the view from a spiritual vantage point through my readings. 

A reading session is 30-40 minutes. 
The cost is: $100.00

Readings are available online through

Tea Leaf  Readings
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