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Mediumship/  Psychic Readings

"The mystic and seer, Michalene Clevenger, has given me readings that were astonishing in their scope, accuracy and complexity.  Mike brought through my brother in vivid detail, describing his appearance, approximate age of death, and the circumstances of how he died.  She went on to describe detailed information about his complex personality, how he interacted with me in my youth, some of the deficits and issues in our relationship, and what his co-workers thought about him.  Mike completed the reading by delivering a personal message that had a lot of meaning for me.  


In another reading, and with remarkable detail, Mike brought through my treasured aunt, and described her appearance, personality, avocation, marital and family status, how she interacted with me, and what my aunt liked about me.  Mike even knew that I had some possessions that previously belonged to my aunt, and that my aunt was happy to know I still had them.  In both readings, it felt like my family member was right there in the room with me.  

Mike is the “real deal” psychic medium you have been looking for all these years, who will delight and surprise you, and answer all your questions.  I would unequivocally recommend Mike to anyone!"

~ Brian Ekeland, Washington DC



"When I get a reading from Grace, I can feel her connect to Spirit on such a deep level, and with such heartfelt accuracy, that I know she is bringing through not only my loved ones who have passed, but also messages from higher souls who speak to my deepest emotional yearnings.  Grace is 100% authentic, cares about each and every person for whom she reads, and relates easily with others on a deeply personal level.  I always feel confident knowing the messages I receive through Grace's channeling are the real deal." 

~ Rev. Mike Dreitzler, Columbus, OH

"I have gone to Mike for several years for a  reading, always once a year, sometimes more something has come up if something has come up.  Every time I have gone for a reading my mother, who has been gone for many years, comes in, to give me insights on life situations.  In the beginning, there was healing that took place during the readings with not only my mother but other relatives who have passed,  The readings with Mike have changed my life and outlook on life!!  Mike is loving and compassionate and also fun (something I never thought a reading would be) with Mike's sense of humor." I connected with Mike as she began development as a medium in service to others. Mike joined my development circle where I had the honor of mentoring her beautiful, strong and authentic unfoldment. Mike has never wavered in her devotion to Spirit and commitment to healing and comfort to her clients by giving evidence of the continuity of life and love. Mike brings through evidence from the spirit world in a sacred way with compassion, respect and kindness. A session with Mike can evoke a healing range of emotions...tears, laughter, joy and growth.    

Georgia M., Marion, OH


"While taking James Van Praag’s Intermediate Mediumship course, Mike was the senior mentor assigned to my development circle.  There were eight of us students of varying training and backgrounds in the group, from every corner of the country. We met weekly via Zoom and Mike guided us through meditations, discussions, and exercises, all designed to advance our mediumship in a creative, interesting, and results-oriented manner. Mike’s leadership through example and her comprehensive knowledge of Spiritually related topics resulted in extraordinary progress for each member of our circle. While some of the other development circles in the Intermediate Mediumship class advanced more slowly, our circle grew to be a very tight knit group of talented mediums under Mike’s firm yet loving direction. In fact, Mike’s group became the envy of all other circles as our improvement and confidence became evident during the all students’ Zoom meetings with James. Mike’s people skills and enthusiasm for Spiritual development resulted in every member of our group growing together to become lifelong friends, continuing to meet as a development circle even now and support each other as Spiritual soul mates."

~ Rick Adams, Pickerington, OH


"As a student of The James Van Prague School of Mystical Arts, Mediumship Program, I have been a regular participant of a development circle headed by Mike. Under her tutelage, she brought our group to a higher level of instruction and challenged us in many ways, opening doors for meaningful new ideas and exercises. Her kind and caring ways have assisted everyone in our circle to advance to the next level, to a place that we can push ourselves and become better at implementing our gifts. Her insights have been invaluable to me in my own mediumship."

 ~ Heidi Artman, Santa Barbara, CA


"What I know for sure about Mike is that I would not have loved and succeeded in my mediumship unfoldment as much without her love of spirit, her guidance, honesty, knowledge and dedication to the sacred work we do. She never missed a session and always pushed us to higher levels in a kind, compassionate, loving manner. She is dedicated to her work and continually trains with mentors from around the world to improve her spiritual level.     I am so glad that spirit partnered us together on this journey. She speaks her mind honestly and stands in her power brilliantly. Mike gives sincere advice to assist the student to achieve their best work. She gives praise when due and more importantly points out needed improvements and techniques for success. Not only did she push us, but she pushes here self as well. I am so grateful and honored to give her my honest recommendation and endorsement. She is a fantastic mentor and a good friend to me and spirit. Living in the light, loving in the light and laughing in the light, she’s a jewel!"

~ Jennifer Thompson, New Jersey


Tea  Leaf  Readings

"Mike has done tea leaf readings for me for several years.  She always tells me to come with questions but not to tell her what they are.  I always get the answers to my questions, in addition she gives me insights into my life and things I am going through that are invaluable. I always look forward to the readings because they are fun and give me directions in my life.  She addresses serious situations with truth and compassion and tells me the messages from Spirit are not always what I want to hear but what I need to hear. I find that has always been right!!   Mike is a good psychic medium but also a wonderful person!"

~ Joy B., Dublin, OH

"To be honest  I was skeptical and a little nervous when my wife suggested I get a tea leaf reading from Mike to my surprise she nailed me, my personality, the situation I was going through. And helpful suggestions for me personally as I worked through it.  Things she saw in my future have happened. I was surprise how accurate she was. She made me feel comfortable meeting her for the first time, and I plan to go get another reading from her in the future."
~ Brian W., Lewis Center, OH

Image by Lukasz Szmigiel
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