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I have had the deepest honor to work with and tutor Mike for the past several years.  I've gotten to know her first as a student and now as a friend.  I am proud that I was able to add just a little "something" to someone's natural abilities.   With Mike you will find a dedicated worker and messenger for the Spirit World.  Her talent, spiritual insights and compassion are extraordinary. You could not be in better hands.  I also much point out that Mike has that rare sense of discovery, that she is always humbly willing  to learn and try new things.  Your life is blessed in Mike's hands.

James Van Praagh

Author/Master Teacher/Spiritual Medium

My mediumship work is a commitment to provide guidance that is informative and healing. My hope is the connection with their loved ones empowers the living to heal, find joy in their journey and to live a more meaningful life. On my spiritual journey I have taken and continue to take numerous classes in my development as a Spiritual Psychic Medium that include: 

Graduate of the certified Master Program of James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts.


Graduate and Ordained Spiritual Minister of Fellowship of the Spirit, School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy, Lily Dale, New York. 

It would be my privilege to connect you to your loved one through the power of Divine Source. Click here to contact me to book a reading or learn more about my one-on-one psychic medium mentorship program.


In Service of Spirit, 



  Meet Grace “Mike” Michaels, Psychic Medium

Since I can remember I have had a curiosity about the mystical arts. In my early thirties I began searching for more meaning and understanding of my spirituality. As I progressed on my spiritual journey, I became more sensitive to energies and began to just “know” things. I am grateful the journey, guided by Infinite Spirit, led me to become a Spiritual Psychic Medium.  


Using my acquired skills combined with intuitive gifts I seek to provide evidential information, from the departed love one, which the client can recognize and confirm.  During the reading I am the conduit for Spirit. My compassionate readings are given with lively, sharp, intuitive insights providing evidence of the continuance of life after what we call death and that love never dies.  Contact with Spirit and deceased loved ones are sacred and healing events for both the person receiving the reading and the loved one on the other side. The readings are filled with laughter, some tears and always with love.

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